Wednesday, April 14, 2010


"This resource of the youth is an important building block for transforming India into a developed nation," Dr.Kalam said in a meeting in Washington. He says "the great challenge of
transforming India can be achieved through youth which has got the power of ideas, ambition and ability."

The Former President and India's most favorite person always supported the youth of the nation and said that the future of the country is in the hands of the young. The old had done enough and its time that the young blood start working.

By the end of 2009, India has got 27.4% of its total population to be youth which counts to 459 million youngsters and 73% of it is literate. It is also estimated that, by 2020, India will have 594 million youngsters. Also. the implementation of the Right to Education Act, supposedly would increase the literacy rate of the country, which is not increasing at a rate of 2.08% while the literacy rate of young India is 2.49%.

Having this young blood, we shall be soon a developed nation and the newspapers also reported that by 2039, India will be the second largest economy in the world, if it continues to grow at the present rate, 5.5%. But is it that statistics are what we shall be proud of???

What are we contributing to the Nation??? 41% of the literate youth are still in schools and colleges. what is the rest of the youth doing?? Definitely not just chatting or playing games or writing source codes. We are contributing for the development of the country. We are giving our best to improve the growth rate of the country. But is this enough? Is it that only improving the economy does all good to the country???

Why are we not thinking of the families Below Poverty Line?? Why is it that, we are not concerned about the children education especially of those found begging near traffic signals?? why is it that, we are not concerned of those elderly lying on the footpaths waiting for help?? Why is it that, we are not concerned about the terrorist attacks that are increasing every day??? Why is it that, we are not concerned about Going Green?? Why is it that, we still prefer going abroad and settling there and not return back to India and contribute our share here??Why is it that we still leave our country to those elderly who are not even in a position to walk on their own at least?? Why ?? Why???

I think, we are concerned but our busy life doesn't give us time to think about all these. But friends, if we don't make time for our country and do something for its development, who will?? Will anyone fly from somewhere else to help our country prosper?? It is we who have to work. We are a good number together. we have to work together to eliminate poverty from the country??

Its is easy for the 459 million youngsters to help the 200 million families below poverty line to live a better life...!! Is it not easy friends?? Just think about it?? Start helping India to be a better place to live to all Indians..!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


India has been a developing country since its independence. After six decades, it still has got a GDP of $1.3 trillion. Though its a good amount, dividing it among the one billion population makes it negligible.

Generally the Net National Product (NNP) will give us the actual growth factors for the country. If not NNP, atleast the GNP shall be considered. But this is not the case since GNP is 15%less than GDP.

The GDP shall increase when the employment opportunities in the country increase by Indian firms as a part of the foreign firms will be paid as the rent, wage, interest, profit for the land, labor, capital, enterprise of the Parent country of the firm(Foreign Factor Income in India). But if the GDP includes this amount which is not actually reaching to the population of the country, then how can be the growth determining factor??

Though the social entrepreneurship is increasing to work for the enhancement of livelihood of the poor and rural India, the country is till in the list of world's 15 poorest countries. When considerable amount of the population is living below the poverty line and finding hard to earn the daily food grains, how can it be called atleast the a "Developing Country"??

When 7000 Indians sleep hungry every night, then where is the money of the country hiding?? When all the political leaders promise about developing the livelihood of those living below the poverty line, then why is it that 33% if the world's poor live in India??When we are boasting about the development of the country, then why is it that nearly 200 million Indians earning less than $1.25 everyday?? Whom is the employment growth in the country referred to??Why is it that Indian government is not encouraging the FDI in the country which would help the country survive better??

Where will a citizen of get this answer from?? I know i have the Right to Information (RTI Act), but who is going to give this information?? Where shall we start our journey in cleaning this ocean??